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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ for quick answers to common questions, where you’ll find concise answers to help resolve any uncertainties quickly.

What is crypto arbitrage?

It is the simultaneous buying and selling of cryptocurrency in different markets in order to take advantage of differing prices...

Why are cryptocurrencies more expensive in South Africa?

Cryptocurrencies often trade at a premium on South African exchanges compared to overseas exchanges. This is due to South Africa’s...

How can I see the current arbitrage?

We’ve built a Telegram bot which you can use to see the current arbitrage and FX rates, estimate trade profit,...

What does Shiftly do?

We’ve built a crypto arbitrage service to make it easy for South Africans to benefit from the arbitrage opportunity.

How risky is arbitrage trading through Shiftly?

It’s generally considered to be low risk, we hedge 100% of the forex and crypto positions so you’re never exposed...

Is your arbitrage trading service fully hedged?

Yes, we hedge both the forex and crypto price movements 100% so you are never exposed to price fluctuations.

What are SDA and FIA allowances?

South Africans may send up to R1 million annually under their Single Discretionary Allowance (SDA) and up to R10 million...

Where can I see how much of my allowances I’ve used through Shiftly?

You can find the total amount of your allowances used through Shiftly at the bottom of each trading statement.

What is an AIT application?

To send funds abroad under your FIA, you must obtain a Tax Clearance Status (TCS) PIN by submitting an Approval...

How much profit can I make?

The amount of profit you can make largely depends on your ability to minimise trading costs while executing trades. At...

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