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Account Opening

Everything you need to know about opening an account, from requirements and necessary information to the process itself and expected timeline.

What are the requirements to open an account?

✅ You must be a South African citizen with a South African ID and Proof of Address ✅ You must...

What information will I have to provide?

During the account opening process, you’ll be required to provide the following information: Personal Information Contact Details Employment Information Bank...

Why must I provide this information?

As a registered Accountable Institution with the FIC (ID 55458), we are required to adhere to the Financial Intelligence Centre...

How do I update my information?

If any of your information has changed, please contact our support team and inform them of the change. Updating certain...

How do I create an account?

On our home page, click ‘Get Started’ and confirm each of the declarations. Proceed to enter your information, including the...

How long does the account opening process take?

The account opening process takes a few days, please see the breakdown below: Our team will receive your application only...

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